Motul 300v 15w-50 5 Litres


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  • Motul 300V Competition 15w-50 engine oil is a top-end racing lubricant for racing cars. 100% Synthetic – Double Ester Technology
  • Motul 300V is Motul's flagship engine oil, for racing cars with atmospheric or turbocharged engines, race engines operating at very high temperature and high rpm
  • 300V 15w-50 is the ideal choice for engines producing medium or high fuel dilution in the oil, petrol or diesel engines, turbocharged, direct injection and catalytic converters, vintage cars
  • Double Ester technology : maximum oil film resistance, balanced polarity, resistance at very high temperature. Friction Modifier : maximum power output, decrease operating temperature. 0% shear loss : Stable oil pressure whatever using conditions. Maximum anti-wear resistance. Perfect engine cleanliness.
  • The 300V 15W-50 grade is able to absorb fuel dilution in the oil and maintains high oil pressure. Engines can be run at very high temperatures.

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