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Zamp Racing Helmets - Fastest growing Helmet Brand


Zamp Racing Helmets - Fastest growing Helmet Brand


Zamp Racing Helmets: Superior Protection for Motorsports Enthusiasts


When it comes to competitive motorsports, safety should always be a top priority. One crucial piece of safety equipment that every racing enthusiast must invest in is a high-quality racing helmet. Zamp Racing, a renowned manufacturer in the motorsports industry, offers a wide range of helmets designed to meet the stringent safety standards and specific needs of different racing disciplines. In this blog post, we will explore the features, options, and benefits of Zamp Racing helmets, ensuring that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right helmet for your racing adventures.

1. Understanding the Snell SA2020 Standard

Zamp Racing takes safety seriously and ensures that their helmets comply with the latest safety standards. The Snell SA2020 standard is the most recognized safety standard in four-wheel motorsports. It sets strict requirements for impact resistance, puncture and flame resistance, and face shield integrity. Zamp Racing's helmets meet the Snell SA2020 specifications, providing racers with peace of mind knowing they are wearing a helmet that offers superior protection.

2. Helmet Types for Every Racing Discipline

Zamp Racing understands that different racing disciplines have unique requirements. Whether you are a casual track day enthusiast, national racer, karting enthusiast, or participate in other forms of motorsports, Zamp Racing has a helmet to meet your specific needs. They offer a wide range of helmet types, including Track Day Helmets and helmets designed for open-wheel, closed cockpit, dirt, or kart racing. While the higher forms of homologation are essential for certain racing categories, Zamp's helmets at all levels provide a strong level of protection.

3. Zamp RZ-62 Helmet: Versatile and Adjustable

The Zamp RZ-62 helmet is a popular choice among racing enthusiasts. This helmet offers exceptional versatility and adjustability, making it suitable for various race setups. It allows customization for open-wheel, closed cockpit, dirt, or kart racing, providing the flexibility racers need. The Tri-Tech Air System in the RZ-62 allows natural or forced air options and offers adjustable airflow through inlets on the top and both sides of the chin bar. The lightweight Aramid Mix Shell ensures both durability and comfort, while the plush fire retardant removable/washable cheek pads and crown liner enhance overall user experience.

4. RZ-88C Super Helmet: Advanced Safety and Performance

For closed cockpit and dirt racing enthusiasts seeking the utmost in safety and performance, Zamp Racing offers the RZ-88C Super Helmet. This helmet conforms to the Advanced FIA 8860-2018 safety standard, which represents the pinnacle of safety in the industry. With maximum venting on the chin and top, combined with 360-degree air channeling built into the EPS and shell, the RZ-88C ensures excellent airflow. The shorter chin spoiler and reduced vents in the shell cater specifically to dirt racing needs. Additionally, the clear anti fog shield provides exceptional vision, enhancing performance on the track.

5. Quality Accessories to Enhance Your Helmet

Zamp Racing also offers a range of accessories to complement their helmets and enhance your racing experience. These accessories include visors.




By Alan Cassells