Monit G100 + Rally Computer
Monit G100 + Rally Computer £365.00
Designed for professional rally teams, the Monit G-Series rally computer has all the features required for serious rallying, in a simple-to-use package. With the flexibility to use its integrated GPS+ receiver or speed sensors. The Monit G-Series uses a high-sensitivity GPS/GNSS receiver to provide the most accurate tripmeter distance and speed measurements available. Easy to use and straight forward.  Powerful Features GPS Antenna Purchased separately, either magnetic or bulkhead mount.      
Monit G200 + Rally Computer
Monit G200 + Rally Computer £465.00
The top of the range Monit G-200+ rally computer has all the features required for the highest level of competition. The main advantages over the G-100+ are the addition of a time-of-day clock, multiple average speed counters, additional stopwatch, a stage recorder and a fuel management system. For competitors that demand the most from their equipment the Monit G-200+ is the ideal choice. Requires gps antenna available separately   
Monit Magnetic GPS Antenna
Monit Magnetic GPS Antenna £29.00
The Monit magnetic mount antenna is a high-sensitivity GPS/GNSS antenna that is tuned specifically to provide maximum accuracy for the Monit G-Series+ rally computers. With a strong magnet built into the base, the GPS antenna can clamp onto the steel roof of a vehicle, simplifying installation and removal. For gravel events or high performance vehicles the addition of high bond adhesive tape is recommended to prevent excessive movement. Cable Length 5M   
Monit Bulkhead GPS Antenna
Monit GPS Antenna Bulkhead Mount £29.00
The Monit bulkhead mount antenna is a high-sensitivity GPS/GNSS antenna with an integrated screw mounting stud and nut. This can be used to securely fasten the antenna through a vehicle’s roof or to a suitable mounting bracket. The mounting stud and antenna housing are sealed to prevent water ingress if a hole is made in the roof to accommodate the low profile antenna. Cable Length 5M
Monit Inductive Wheel Sensor
Monit Inductive Wheel Sensor £31.00
The Monit inductive wheel probe works by detecting the presence of metal as it is brought near the end of the sensor. It is typically fitted to a vehicle's wheel hub so that it senses the back of the wheel studs or other metal detection targets as they rotate past. In this way, it can be used to measure speed and distance on a wide variety of modern, classic and historic vehicles. Sensing Distance 1-2MM  
Monit Door Mounting Bracket
Monit Door Mounting Bracket £39.00
Made from high-quality powder coated aluminium, the door mounting bracket is a convenient way to attach a rally computer to the door of your vehicle. The bracket has mounting holes for all rally computers in the Monit tripmeter range, and can be mounted in either left hand drive or right hand drive configuration. Fixing screws are included.
Monit Dashboard Mounting Bracket
Monit Dashboard Mounting Bracket £29.50
The high-quality dashboard bracket is made from powder coated aluminium. It elevates the Monit rally computer away from the dashboard so that the cables can be run out of the back without having to make large holes in the dashboard panels. It also brings the Monit closer to the co-driver making it easier for them to reach the buttons while seated. Suitable for all Monit rally computer models.
Monit 3 Button Remote
Monit 3 Button Remote £46.00
Designed for use with the Monit G-Series+ rally computers, the 3-button hand remote is CNC machined from billet aluminum resulting in a compact and robust design. The hand remote allows the easy and quick adjustment of the tripmeter distance, up or down, on the fly. The third button can be user set to clear the Interval Distance counter, or to Freeze the display. The ability to quickly adjust the distance counters, to match organizers checkpoints, makes this product perfect for use on regularity, TSD, and oldtimer events. If different button functions are preferred, the user can select any of the many auxiliary input options.
Monit Foot Reset Switch
Monit Foot Reset Switch £29.50
The foot reset switch is a momentary type switch constructed from robust pressed steel. It can be configured to perform a range of useful functions, depending on the model of Monit rally computer it is connected too. There are four screw bosses on the back of the unit for fastening it to a foot-plate.

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