Bosch LSU49 Wideband Lambda Sensor


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  • This sensor is designed to measure the proportion of oxygen in exhaust gases of automotive engines (gasoline or Diesel). The wideband lambda sensor LSU 4.9 is a planar ZrO2 dual cell limiting current sensor with integrated heater. Its monotonic output signal in the range of lambda 0.65 to air makes the LSU 4.9 capable of being used as a universal sensor for lambda 1 measurement as well as for other lambda ranges. The connector module contains a trimming resistor, which defines the characteristic of the sensor. The main benefit of the LSU 4.9 is the robust design combined with the high Bosch production quality standard.
  • Sensor is compatible with the EMU Black.
  • Proper installation and usage of the sensor is required to extend the sensor life. We cannot be held responsible for sensor failures.
  • Includes Connector

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