Renegade Pro 112+ ( Sunoco supreme alternative )


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Renegade Pro 112+ 

Our alternative to Sunoco Supreme 

Designed for engines that require a little more octane than a 110 race fuel. It is a leaded, ethanol free high octane race fuel that is more than just a pretty dye package.

Pro 112+ is real octane for serious racers. Provides protection for up to 15:1 compression at 8,500 rpm.

  • Octane – R+M/2       112.5
  • Motor Octane            109
  • Research Octane      116
  • Specific Gravity         0.711
  • RVP                               4.75
  • Oxygenated                No
  • Leaded                         Yes
  • Stoich Ratio               14.96:1
  • Color                            Blue

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