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AiM Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer

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Key Features :

Integrated GPS 
Ten configurable RGB LEDs
Wi-fi connectability
Graphical Display
4GB Internal Memory
Open or Closed track creation 
Database with over 4000 Tracks worldwide
Multiple Race modes: Speed, Times & Performance
Automatic Track Recognition
Suitable for any motorsport vehicle
The most precise and easy way to get lap times
AiM Solo 2 receives data from two satellite constellations:  GPS and Glonass, giving significant improvement in data speed and positioning precision as start-up times are reduced to seconds and lap times are accurate to a tolerance of two-hundredths of a second.
Solo 2 gives instant speed, timing splits live data, and predictive lap times.
The Solo 2 high contrast display helps drivers to easily identify the data displayed on the screen. The Solo 2 also features a selection of 7 different backlight colours, which you can select to suit your own personal requirements.

Predictive Lap Timer
Even the predictive lap time is much more reliable and the configurable RGB LEDs will give you a clear and fast indication of the comparison with your best lap. 

Data Recall On Screen
Solo 2 can be used for circuit racing and point to point or regularity events and performance tests such as 0-60mph, and just like the circuit racing mode, all the data is recorded and can be reviewed immediately after each race or test session.

Solo 2 New Track Creation And Database
Solo 2 allows you to create a new temporary or permanent track layout whether it's a point to point run for rallying or a closed-loop track.
Should you be on a track not on the database, Solo 2 will create one for you.
With over 4000 tracks pre-loaded from around the world, as soon as it's switched on the Solo 2 identifies its position. Once you start to drive, it automatically recognises the start line coordinates of the track and starts sampling lap times every time you go past.

The AIM Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer is a revolutionary device that has been regarded as one of the best motorsport lap timers in the sports industry.

This advanced GPS racing lap timer provides real-time data and telemetry that can help drivers improve their performance on the track. 

One of the key features of the AIM Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer is its high-precision GPS technology. This device uses GPS data to track your position on the track with incredible accuracy. This means you can analyse your racing lines, braking points, and acceleration points in real-time. With this data at your fingertips, you can make adjustments to your driving style and technique to maximise your performance on the track.


Another great feature of the AIM Solo 2 is its integration with AIM's powerful Race Studio software. This software allows you to download and analyse your race data on your computer, providing detailed insights into your racing performance. You can compare your data with other drivers, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customised training plan to help you reach your racing goals.

One of the reasons why the AIM Solo 2 lap timer is known as the best track day lap timer is that the device is compact, lightweight, and can be mounted easily on your dashboard or windshield. Its user-friendly interface allows you to navigate through the various features and settings with ease, so you can focus on driving and improving your lap times.

For track day enthusiasts who are looking to take their racing to the next level, the AIM Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer is a must-have device. With its high-precision GPS technology, compatibility with Race Studio 3 software, and user-friendly interface, this device can help you optimise your performance on the track and achieve your racing goals. So why wait? Get your hands on the AIM Solo 2 and start dominating the track today!

Wi-Fi Communication With The PC
The Solo 2 has integrated Wi-Fi, to enable you to review your data in more depth and transfer your data securely and quickly onto a laptop or computer up to 50m away without the need for connectors and cables. This data can then be imported into the Race Studio 3 software.

Configure & Analyse with Race Studio 3
With Race Studio 3 you can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital outputs, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. 
 Race Studio 3 can also analyse all data recorded by Solo 2 and download to your PC: graphs, histograms and tables to aid and study race techniques, which will ultimately provide objective support to avoid mistakes and improve overall performance. 


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