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Bosch 1200cc Fuel Injector

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Bosch 1200cc Injector

Name: Bosch 1200cc
Part number: 0280 158 xxx (modifierad)
Package: 1x + 2x adapter
Connector: Bosch JPT EV1 Minitimer Jetronic
Length: 33,6mm - EV 14C (Compact) Use top and bottom adapter to get 60,65mm EV 14L (Long)
Injector tip: xT 24mm
O-ring top: 14mm Viton
O-ring bottom: 14mm Viton
Body diameter: 16mm
Impedance: 12 ohm
Spray pattern: Conical (30 degrees)
Spray angle: Neutral (0 degrees)
Fuel: E85 / M100 compatible and can handle other standard fuels due to the stainless internal parts. ATTENTION! If the injector is to be run on methanol, it must be run through with regular fuel after use. These injectors must not be in contact with methanol over more extended periods.

Engine power Turbo
Petrol 10% margin
1cyl - 157hp (157x1)
4cyl - 628hp (157x4)
5cyl - 785hp (157x5)
6cyl - 942hp (157x6)
8cyl - 1256hp (157x8)

Ethanol 10% margin
1cyl - 137hp (137x1)
4cyl - 548hp (157x4)
5cyl - 685hp (157x5)
6cyl - 822hp (157x6)
8cyl - 1096hp (157x8)

Engine power N/A
Petrol 10% margin
1cyl - 205hp (205x1)
4cyl - 820hp (157x4)
5cyl - 1025hp (157x5)
6cyl - 1230hp (157x6)
8cyl - 1640hp (157x8)

Ethanol 10% margin
1cyl - 171hp (171x1)
4cyl - 684hp (157x4)
5cyl - 855hp (157x5)
6cyl - 1026hp (157x6)
8cyl - 1368hp (157x8)

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