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Ferodo FRP216Z DSUNO Brake Pads

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DSUNO (Z) is the latest heavy duty racing material from Ferodo Racing. It has replaced DS2.11 and is already race proven in GT, touring car, Formula & rally. The technical objective for the material was to provide a high friction output, whilst improving pad and disc life and to offer excellent modulability throughout the brake event. The latter means the risk of wheel lock is significantly reduced compared to other pads with the same high nominal friction coefficient, without any loss of output. This is the ultimate feel-good pad.

  • Heavy duty semi-endurance material
  • Applications - touring car, GT, single seat, rally
  • Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C
  • Very controllable torque output
  • Very kind to discs
  • Long life

    Aston Martin Vantage 1993-96 V8 Front
    BMW M3 GT4 Race – 21mm Rear
    BMW Z4 GT3 Race – 21mm Rear
    Marcos GTS 2.0 litre 1997- Marcos-GTS Front
    Marcos LM 4.0, 6.0 litre 1994- Front
    Marcos Mantaray 4.0, 4.5 litre 1999- Front
    Marcos Mantis 4.6 litre 1997- Front
    Marcos Mantra 2.0 litre 1992- Turbo Front
    Marcos Mantra 4.0, 4.5 litre 1992- Front
    Noble M12 GTO 2.6 litre 1999-02 Twin turbo Front
    Porsche 996 GT3 RS 1999-04 Race – 21mm Rear
    Radical RXC ** 17mm / 21mm Rear
    Renault Clio 2 V6 Gravel / Tarmac Rally Gp A – 17mm F/R
    Renault Megane Trophy Race – 17mm Rear
    Subaru Impreza Sti Gravel / Tarmac Rally Gp N – 17mm Front
    TVR Cerbera 4.0,4.2,4.5,5.0 litre 1994-01 Front
    TVR Griffith 5.0 litre 1993- Front

    Road / trackday / race brake pad Group N / A Mantra-Turbo

    D2 / K-sport 6-piston front KSport pads

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