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Motorsport Fuse And Relay Box - 6 Relays + 11 Fuses

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Motorsport Relay and Fuse Box - 6 Relays + 11 Fuses

relay and fuse box with labelled cables for easy and professional installation of consumers and control systems.

a universal relay and fuse box that can be connected to an ECU or switch to easily control consumers such as:

  • Fuel pump
  • Starter motor
  • Cooling fan
  • Cabin fan
  • ECU
  • Lighting
  • Wipers
  • Water pump
  • Boost pressure

The fuse box contains:

  • 6x 40A relays
  • 11 fuses
  • 190mm CC mounting hole (offset)
  • 2x 3-meter cable mat
  • Labeled cables
  • Cable protection
  • Dimensions: L:210mm W:70mm H:87mm


Into the fuse box:
3x Red 4mm2 to battery (+)
1x Black 1.5mm2 to battery (-)

Out of the fuse box:
6x Yellow 2.5mm2 Relay to consumer (+)
5x Blue 2.5mm2 Fuse to consumer (+)

Relay trigger:
6x White 0.75mm2 relay trigger (-)

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