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SPD Fuel cell 40L internal fuel pumps

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SPD Fuel cell 40L internal fuel pumps

This is a greatly improved design of a classic fuel cell. This fuel cell contains no foam but is instead built up with baffles and gaps that form a well-functioning catch tank function and is reliable for anyone driving on ethanol. This fuel cell is built in 3mm aluminum which makes it very strong and eliminates the risk of cracking.

The entire tank is adapted to accept ethanol. All gaskets are made of PTFE and other materials are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum.

This version is for internal pumps. The same fuel cell is used for external pumps but in this version you have all the extra accessories for in-tank fuel pumps.

The fuel cell has 2 outputs for external fuel pumps who can be plugged with supplied plugs.

The tank is prepared for level sensor.

All holes for the fuel pump hanger, fuel cap and level sensors can be plugged.

Supplied accessories:

Complete fuel pump hanger and accessories.
Fuel cap
Level sensor 0-90ohm.
Adapters from the fuel pump bracket to fuel pumps (8mm).
Stainless steel hose clips.
Cover plates.
Spacers for lifting the tank from the floor.

- Strong construction, 3mm material.
- Anodized outside and inside.
- Up to 3 internal pumps.
- Built-in catch tank function.
- Supports external pumps as well.
- No messy foam.
- Volume 40L.
-Measurement with spacers: 540x340x315
-Measurement without spacers: 540x340x260
(Height is 260mm+50mm with bottom connections, total 310mm. Measurements without fuel pump habnger)
- Connections to pump hanger, 1xAN12 output, 1xAN10 return.
- External fuel pump connections 2xAN12.
- 2xAN12 connections on top.
- Internal roll over valve on top (optional)

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