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SPD Fuel cell 60L kit (600hp incl. filter)

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SPD Fuel cell 60L 600hp kit including fuel filter

Complete fuel tank with built-in fuel pump and fuel filter. Now only hoses are needed.

With this fuel kit, you only need to supplement with a hose to and from the fuel rail and a regulator, and you have a fuel system up to approx. 600hp on E85 and approx. 700hp on petrol.

This is a greatly improved construction of a classic fuel cell. This fuel cell contains no foam, but instead is built with splash plates and hatches that form a well-functioning catch tank function and which is reliable for those of you who run on ethanol. This fuel cell is built in 3mm aluminum which makes it very strong and eliminates the risk of it cracking.

The entire tank is adapted for clear ethanol. All gaskets are in PTFE and other materials are in stainless steel or anodised aluminium.

This fuel cell also supports both internal and external pumps. In this version, our fuel pump fitting is included to install internal fuel pumps. It takes all round pumps on the market and is fully adjustable in height. Up to 3 60mm fuel pumps can be used. The fuel tank has two outputs for external pumps that come plugged in this design.

The fuel pump fitting is made so that it gathers all the pumps into one chamber to have only one outlet. This saves a lot of space and money as you avoid Y-crosses, extra hoses and AN connectors etc. There will only be 1 line to the engine and line back from the engine regardless of whether you use 1 or 3 fuel pumps. If, on the other hand, you use double spreader bridges (V-engines), you unfortunately have to supplement with a Y-cross.

The tank has an outlet for a level sensor.

All holes for internal pumps, fuel filling and level sensors can be plugged.

Included accessories:
E85 black fuel pump
8mm hose adapter for fuel pump
SPD compact fuel filter
AN8 banjo bolt incl washers
AN8 banjo< br />AN8 90 hose coupling PTFE
AN8 180 hose coupling PTFE
AN8 steel-wrapped hose PTFE
AN8 - M12x1.5
Aluminum washer M12
AN8 O-ring plug
Clamp ring flange for pump hanger
Level sensor 0-90ohm.
Adapters from the fuel pump bracket to pumps (8mm post).
Stainless hose clamps.
Cover plates.
Spacers for lifting the tank.
Fuel hose for submerged assembly. (Made for immersion mounting, can handle petrol, diesel and ethanol)

-Strong construction, 3mm solid.
-Anodized outside and inside
-Up to 3 internal pumps
-Built-in catch tank function< br />-Also supports external pumps
-No spilling foam
-Volume 60L
-Dimensions: 510x460x265mm (510x460x320m with spacers) (504x440mm cc between bolt holes in brackets)
-Connections to pump fitting, 1xAN12 output, 1xAN10 return
-External pump connections 2xAN12,
-2xAN12 connections on the top side

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