Turn One 6 Point HANS Harness

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The Turn One Six Point HANS harness is excellent value for money and is manufactured by TRS in the UK to the very latest FIA 8853-2016 homologation. There is no racing harness on the market that gives such high quality and safety benefits for the money as the Turn One HANS Harness.

This standard has been revamped to aid driver safety and delivers far better protection than earlier standards.

With the new Motorsport UK rule change relating to the life of harnesses, the Turn One Six Point HANS Harness has an extra 5 years of life over the standard FIA homologation period (for UK national motorsport events only).

Expiry of these harnesses

    • Use in UK National Motorsport Events: end of 2034
    • For FIA events: end of 2029

These HANS compatible harnesses feature a 2-inch shoulder strap and have steel adjusters designed for smooth and rapid adjustment. The aluminium quick release turnbuckle has a compact design and combined with narrow strap connection clips means a quick and simple connection. 

The one-shoulder strap is also fitted with a velcro strip for easy storage of your intercom cable and/or a drinks tube. 

The belts can be fixed to the car with welded in eye bolts or and the rear clips are removable to be wrapped around a roll cage. 

Each harness also comes with six eye bolts fixings allowing you to change your existing fatigued versions with new.

Available in Black, Blue or Red

  • British Manufactured 6 point HANS Harnesses
  • 2 inch top straps for HANS device use
  • Latest FIA 8853-2016 safety standard
  • 10 Year Life for UK National Motorsport
  • Intercom cable velcro location strap
  • Available in Red, Black and Blue
  • Part Number: T1-613995118
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