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Custom Racewear


Custom Racewear


At Motorsport Supplies, we specialise in custom racewear for our customers in NI. Using the very best in racewear, we can fully customise P1 Race Suits and Underwear tops. Take a look below at the services we can provide when it comes to designing your teams racewear, the possibilities are endless.

Colour options for Custom Racewear in NI

The P1 race suit can be fully customised and designed for your team. With 1 main colour and 2 secondary colours, your suit design will be fully unique to your team. 

Logos and Sponsors

At Motorsport Supplies, we design all our racewear from scratch allowing you to incorporate your logo and your sponsors on your race suits. These logos and sponsors can vary in size and can be placed anywhere you would like!

There is also the choice of having these logos and sponsors printed or embroidered on your teams race gear, the choice is entirely up to you.


When it comes to sizing, we know that one size certainly does not fit all. We are proud to offer both standard sizing race wear as well as offering custom sizing, tailored to your size and shape. This will allow all of our customers to have a perfect fitting and comfortable race suit. 

Belt Personalisation

On top of having both logos and sponsors adorning your team's race suit, we can also add your name and country to the belt of the suit. This allows complete customisation of your race wear, making it uniquely yours!


If you need it, we can also add extra pockets for co-driver time cards, mobile phone pockets and we can even offer boot cut legs on your race suits!

Sponsored Underwear Tops

Not only is the P1 race suit fully customizable, the P1 underwear tops can also have your sponsors applied so that they are always on show!

Motorsport Supplies: For all your Custom Racewear needs in NI!

Here at Motorsport Supplies, we have got you covered for all of your custom racewear needs. If you would like to create your own personal team race suits and underwear tops, get in touch with us today!

Custom Racesuit

Custom Racesuit Navy

Custom Racesuit Yellow


By Jim Dunn