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Hello Everyone, Welcome to our first blog post! - Motorsport Supplies


Hello Everyone, Welcome to our first blog post!

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our first blog post!


Welcome to our first blog post of the year !

In the future we will be using our blogs to keep you all updated on the latest news, upcoming products being added to the line up and much more.....

Some info about us, we are a small family run business that has been involved in motorsport for many years. We have been successful with our own class winning and event winning cars, with most of the car design and work being carried out by ourselves. We have all the technical knowledge to try and help you with any questions or queries.  

A few highlights so far this motorsport season, as we have been competing ourselves with our own car, an Oms25 Hayabusa Turbo, which is mapped on Renegade Race Fuel, we have achieved several overall event wins! testament to the Renegade statement, Racers who win pour it in! 

We have been busy recently with some P1 Custom Racewear for customers. These have turned out fantastic, designed to the customers team colours with sponsor logos, you will definitely stand out from the crowd in one of these. Get in touch to start your order. Contact us by email - sales@motorsportsupplies.co.uk

Fire Safety Stick recently added to the catalogue, these have been so popular with competitors recently, due to all the positives with this products, there are some great stories out there of cars on fire while competing, which have been saved by this item. There is no residue left over making a mess, inside or under the bonnet. These can also be a great addition to the camper, lorry or even the kitchen at home. 

We have added a sale section with some discounts on racewear products, there is also free delivery on these items. Value that cant be missed. 

Some new seats have been added recently , adding to our range from Sparco, OMP and Motamec. 

For any enquiries about any of our products, please get in touch. We are glad to help. 

Email - sales@motorsportsupplies.co.uk

Send us a message through our facebook page

Talk to you all soon 











By Alan Cassells